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Penn-Tech has been a leader in the shunt-type Tension Meter industry for more than 48 years, providing quality sales, calibration, and maintenance of the Penn-Tech Tension Meter.

Penn-Tech: Tried and True


Penn-Tech was founded in1968 and is based in West Chester, PA. For more than six decades, Penn-Tech has been a top tower manufacturer, installation and service companies worldwide, and is a major contributor in building some of the world’s larger HF antenna communication installations.

In addition to tower services, Penn-Tech offers a shunt type Tension Meter to the tower industry, a precision instrument designed for installation, inspection and maintenance of all types of cable-load applications, where tension/pound accuracy is critical. Using cable deflection averaging Penn-Tech Tension Meters accurately measures cable tension while suspended on the cable without disturbing the anchorage.

Penn-Tech can attribute six decades of success to founder Gene Yoder, who retired in 1986; Robert Cruickshank, the designer of the TM-1000 Tension Meter, and Ruth Lang, who together continued the innovative success of Penn-Tech; and Thomas Hedberg, who started as a climber, climbing both towers and the ranks to become CEO and owner in 2000.

Hedberg continues the tradition of providing top quality service to government and industrial clients worldwide, and continues tension meter sales, support and service to multiple industries. The company continues under his direction and Hedberg has designed custom support structures to meet customer’s needs and tools used with the Penn-Tech Tension Meter.

Hedberg, along with other Tension Meter manufacturers and engineers, is on the committee that was formed to develop and write the standards for the shunt-type Tension Meters in the tower industry today. Publication of the white papers is pending.

Penn-Tech International, Inc. became a voting member of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) in 2003 and continues to date.

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