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Tower Site Development

Penn-Tech International has been developing tower sites since its inception in 1968. We offer full site development from civil work through installation, or services as needed, listed below:

Microwave Systems

Penn-Tech has specialized in HF installation for over 50 years, and has built world-class HF relay stations and radar sites from start to finish.

Service Systems

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Penn-Tech installs shelter placements, antennas, satellite dishes, lighting systems, grounding, and lightening protection. We specialize in HF towers (fixed curtain, rotatable, and omni) and large site installations—those that require multiple towers and antenna arrays.

Tower Erections

Penn-Tech's crew is experienced in erecting guy towers, self-supporters, AM broadcast towers, and monopoles.

Additional Tower Services

  • Co-locates, including watertanks

  • Microwave antenna installations and path alignments

  • Antenna coax installations

  • Rooftop installations

  • Cable ladder and personnel ladder installations

  • Safety climb system installation

  • Ground system installation

  • Tower Painting & Lighting

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Emergency Services

For more information about Penn-Tech International's Tower Site Development Services, or to request a proposal, contact us.


Penn-Tech specializes in Radome installation, maintenance, removal and inspections. 

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